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    This was probably covered somewhere on the forum, but what is the most recommended FREE charting software that would work with Interactive Brokers that displays tick by tick charting style.
  2. I use quotetracker - work's well.
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    does quotetracker work with futures and options?
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    IB doesnt do tic data.
  5. But if they did you could use their free charting.

    Or (from cheapest but with increased functionality per $)

    IB's own, Quotetracker, Sierra Chart, Ensign.
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    So even if I downloaded Quotetracker or any charting software that has tick by tick functionality....I won't be able to assign it to IB?

    If not, where can I get free real time tick by tick charting service?
  7. You cant.

    IB sends a maximum of one packet every 250ms (moving to 200ms) so you can't get more frequent ticks.

    But who cares. The purpose of ticks is to spread the action out on your charts when the action is fast ... and one tick every 250ms will achieve that for you anyway.

    If you are trying to make charts that look exactly like someone elses then you're falling into a nOOb trap ... you need to develop your own rules that work with the charting you use and own them ... not just borrow someone elses.
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    from my understanding, 1 tick is an actual trade....
    so instead of watching a chart based on time, a tick by tick chart displays actual trades...
    wouldn't this be beneficial?
  9. Not for me (no more than what i have now).

    You can chart by time, volume, ticks, profile or other X axes ... it just depends on what works for you.
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    anyone know where I can get free tick by tick charting service for futures?
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