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  1. Hey!
    Does anyone know what software has the ability to play back tick after tick, simulating the real-time movement of the market?

    Please list as manay as possible, so I can pick one which suits me the best.

    Thank you.
  2. Neoticker and esignal both have these capabilities.
  3. esignal... Do I need to subscribe its datafeed before I can use this function?
  4. Herry,

    Make sure your data provider has seconds on the time values or your tick playback capability will be useless.
  5. Soon market Delta will be adding this feature.
  6. Not necessary you can also collect tick data from IB or other source using NeoTicker.

    One other alternative would be subscribing to eSignal delay feed, and use historical data from their database.
  7. Ensign can do this using a number of data suppliers including eSignal and IB - if you have an account with IB then the data is free.
  8. StreamlineTrade

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    Forget it.

    E signal is not worth the money in my experience.

    Try Ensign or Sierra with a DTN IQ Feed.

    Half the price, twice as good.

  9. Thanks for your reminder.
  10. I'm still looking into the choices mentioned by all posters.

    Meantime, I have a short question.
    If I have my own data providers, is it possible to get a freeware (or very cheap, very low year subscription or one-off fee) just for tick-by-tick payback feature.
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