Tick by TicIB feed?

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  1. I was told that IB's tick by tick is consolidated--hence I never am able to get a decent read compared to when I was on another platform. My question is this: If I change my chart platform feed to IQ or another decent feed and get good tick by tick data and execute at the chart tick show but not shown in IB what the hell do I do??


  2. I don't think there's any problem here. IB's feed is definitely not good enough for tick charts, but it won't affect your execution if you're making decisions off of your tick-by-tick feed (i.e., IQ).
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    The data you receive from IB has nothing to do with the execution you'll receive from the exchange.
  4. Thanks alot guys I appreciate the help. Take care.
  5. this is SO true

    fwiw, i have IB, AMTD and Tradestation accounts.

    TS gives reliable tick data. IB does not, cause it's chunked

    however, i have seen TS lag in very fast markets, whereas IB's chunked data does not

    i trade YM through the CBOT book, i have had on several occasions, a limit order fill, when the tape (on IB) does not even REGISTER that fill.

    clearly, it is not true time/sales. this is only apparent when the market moves quickly. when the market is only, for example, registering a tick a second - IB will be accurate, for example

    if you are paying attention to tape, and/or delta (the differentiation between ask vs. bid volume), this is especially important
  6. Isn't that the problem? If IQFeed isn't synced with IB, that's a new source of slippage.
  7. FWIW yes its a problem it seems no matter whose feed you use because unless you have a micro trailing stop your going to miss out. Today in June Gold and Natural gas this happened to me. The price action really starts to rock and its drops to 682.20 from 683.00 in a matter of a minute or two and I never saw it print the 682.20. It hit 682.50 and then started to go back up.

    Worse yet it happened in Natural Gas and I got killed because everyone was out with a nice chunk of change and I'm waiting for it to hit the tick that everyone else in the trading room got that was printed on their screen. I'm not the violent type but I punched out my monitor which really ruined my day.

    Don't want to bad mouth anybody, it just is what it is and if this helps keep someone else that is unsuspecting out of a loss --so be it.

    Thanks to all-Going to Frye's now to buy a new monitor.