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  1. The TICK and TRIN are not a over done indicator what they do is tell a story. If the TICK is trending down and the market is not that tells you the bids are strong. Also when it gets to an extreme lets say a negative 1000 and the market fails to go lower that just says the marked is getting stronger and is about to change direction.
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  2. Kicking..

    take a look at the the trin reading yesterday.. the tick doesnt have the same feel when you have an extreme reading in the TRIN, which climbed over 3 yesterday afternoon..

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  3. In short the TRIN is the trend and the TICK is your timing. Cant get any simpler.
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  4. PitBull


    Would you mind telling us more about whats in the article with Mark Cook? Much appreciated.
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  5. Thanks , I used to watch the TRIN along with the TICK when trading stocks exclusively but overlooked it since I started trading mainly ES. Interesting chart of the TRIN yesterday , how frequent and significant are patterns like yesterday pm triangle ?
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  6. Does anyone know a resource for downloading free historical $TICK indicator data? It appears this is no longer available on Yahoo. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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