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  1. I tried getting a chart for the two using the symbol ^TICK & ^TRIN on Yahoo Finance but got the "no symbol found" message...Also tried the $ sign in front but same no result...

    Do intraday charts exist for these indicators and if so what're the symbols?

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    The symbols vary among the charting services.

    For the NYSE TICK and TRIN:
    Realtick: $TICK-N, $TRIN-N
    Cybertrader: $TICK, $TRIN

    For the Nasdaq TICK and TRIN:
    Realtick: $TICK-Q, $TRIN-Q
    Cybertrader: $TICKQ, $TRINQ
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  3. Thanks but do you have any idea on the symbols on websites like Yahoo Finance? I don't have Cybertrader or RealTick...
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    Sorry, I'm not familiar with Yahoo (or, for that matter, any other service or brokerage house), so can't help you with their particular designations for TICK and TRIN.
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    Specifically for Yahoo!Finance :

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  6. I use TICKQ and TRINQ as directional indicators. I have had them on one of my screens for about three years now. Together they give a feel for the direction and/or near term continued direction of the NAS. My four main directional indicators are SOX, TICKQ, TRINQ and S&P 500 E-Mini with a QCharts data feed.
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  7. Much appreciated!

    BTW, where on the Yahoo Finance site did you get that information? Is there a page that lists all the indicator symbols?

    Thanks again!

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    hapaboy, use the Symbol Lookup link.
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  9. anyone ever see this indicator?

    I remember hearing about it a few yrs ago

    As far as $Tick goes ... when it makes an extreme move in one direction ... I try look to fade the move

    Mark Cook keeps track of $Ticks on a cumulative basis

    see active trader magazine Aug2001 issue
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  10. I trade ES and Naz stocks on the side, I watch the TICK (casually) as I know it's an important indicator used by many however I found its value limited the way I use it anyway: I look for divergences(hi-lows) or extreme readings. Does anybody have an explanation for the positive divergence yesterday in the TICK while ES kept making new lows. I guess the TICK should have indicated somewhat of a rebound towards the close, rebound which never happened.
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