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  1. Any Nasdaq Traders out there use this for your short term scalps, or other strategy?? If so, how do you use them??

    What are your thoughts of the indicators?

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    There's a very good cover article on the TICK, TRIN, and TIKI in the April 2000 issue of "Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities".
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    There is a good explanation about the TICK in:


    and for TRIN:


    For the NASDAQ you would probably find the TRINQ and the TICKQ more useful as they are from the NASDAQ and the others for NYSE.

    Personally I find the TICK more useful than the TRIN. The TICK could tell you early when a market is about to turn. (intraday) Not always working but when it does it can be very valuable. Look for extreme values during the day.

    Good luck
  4. I can't imagine trading without them but be warned that you will get different numbers from different quote vendors. Sometimes the differences are dramatic and certainly enough to foul up a trading system that was developed on another vendor's numbers.
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    Please list the vendors that you have experience with, and then, list the ones that you have noticed (or heard second hand) that has the discrepancies.

  6. I've used most every data vendor at one time or another. It's not a question of which one is right, I just found that certain systems worked better with one than the other. I could run them side by side and see pretty big differences in tick and trin. I will say I find the QChart feed to be very good, and I also had good success with FutureSource sat feed.
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    Definatly get different readings from different vendors. That can create a slight problems at extreme readings, but overall - IMO- the trend of the TICK/TRIN, is as important as the price levels
  8. OK, now we know what TICK and TRIN are and that they can have different values depending on the vendor, so back to the original question.

    Let me start the ball rolling. I am very unsophisticated and I just look for divergences between TICK and the index. Higher high in index, lower high for TICK = lower breadth = a warning. So, who can help me use them better?
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    You are way ahead of most everyone else. They make it too complicated.
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