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  1. Ok. Here's the deal: TICK and TRIN are indicators that I am sure many wished were provided by Interactive Brokers. Of course, IB has to implement these new symbols, maybe even calculate them based on stock data, certainly distribute them to their customers, and all that costs money. Therefore, if we are to ask them to provide TICK and TRIN, we should be willing to back up our request with cash. Before we get anything rolling, let me just do this informal survey: How much would those two indicators be worth to you if you could access them conveniently (and with the same speed and reliability IB users have become accustomed to) through your IB TWS?
  2. before you start paying ib for these indicators you may as well spend a few bucks more and get a real charting system.
    i dont want ib wasting bandwidth on this stuff.
  3. Ditto.

    No disrespect intended, but if you can't even afford $80 a month for qcharts, you probably shouldn't be trading.
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    look for something in the next couple of days (hope I'm not jumping the gun) - no charge.
  5. It's not about being able to afford $80, just a simple suggestion of a small improvement. I'd rather pay IB $5 for exactly these two symbols than pay $80 for a memory and cpu hog of which I need <1%.

    Of course, everyone who claims a trader should be able to afford $80 a month for a data feed can easily afford one or two additional computers and another high speed internet connection, which should easily make up for of the "strain" the capability to provide TICK and TRIN would put on IB's systems on your end of the setup.

    However, this brings up an unrelated question, which is now troubling me: According to our resident experts, one who cannot afford to spend $80 a month on something he does not want and needs only a tiny fraction of, should not trade. What is the cutoff value? If I can't afford to waste $1000 a month, should I still not trade? $10,000 a month? I am actually quite close to not being able to afford the waste of $80, therefore any further advice would be appreciated. While you are at it, could you also tell me what I should do for a living instead?
  6. The cutoff point?

    Perhaps some kind of objective standard like any other activity. Like having the minimum and necessary tools to do the job. Actually, after rereading my post I offer my apologies for sounding snooty. That really wasn't my intent. I just can't imagine using, say TRIN for example, off a quote window. What would you do with it? That TRIN number by itself is virtually meaningless when removed from the context that only a chart with historic data can provide. If you have a different method, I'm all ears.
  7. sorry. i see your point. see your pm. i sent you a link for free trial to qcharts.
  8. the NYSE adv-dec numbers too :)
  9. vehn, thanks for the link!

    bundlemaker, I write my own charting applications which take their data from IB TWS. I don't know about your computer, but on mine all the full-blown chart applications take up a LOT of CPU and even introduce a delay of probably half a second before you actually see the new data point on the chart. My application has no unnecessary indicators, no dotted gridlines, no customizable colors or sizes, it's all hard coded. This enables it to be faster and more efficient than any other charting program I have seen, even though it is written in java. Of course it also means in order to use it I need a certain level of programming skills. But some would say, If you can't write your own chart application maybe you shouldn't be trading...