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  1. I'm using Zenfire w/ NinjaTrader and zenfire doesnt seem to support TICK and ADD.

    I wonder, is there some other way I can get TICK and ADD? I'm with Mirus, not IB, so I can't use the IB feed. I prefer not to register with another broker. Is there a way to do this for free without registering for a broker?

    Appreciate the help!
  2. Can you connect to concurrent feeds w/ ninja?
  3. I believe you can yes. I also use 2 machines though so it's not a problem to have the other machine on a different data feed.
  4. Short answer no. My Track, which has recently had a data security breach not good, is about $40 a month for market internals, everyone else I have checked is more. So open an account at IB, put the min in there and pay $10 a month for not trading if you don't meet the min trade commitment. DTN IQ since I don't already have them appears to be $80 approx.
  5. I also use Mirus /Ninja -Zenfire.I have an account with Thinkorswim and use their charting and data feed along with Ninja's Superdom.

    Thinkorswim's charting package seems to offer everything without inactivity fees.
  6. Wow, does thinkorswim have a data feed that i can plug into Ninja?

    And this data feed has internals (TICK ADD)?
  7. I access the tick & trin through TOS data feed.I also use TOS for their broad access to stocks,options,futures, indices & historical data going back at least 20 years.I think their charting package is superior to Ninjatrader's.

    I'm not sure about the ADD.

    As far as plugging into Ninja I don't believe you can just use TOS as a data feed like that.

    I use Zen-Fire data feed which is included at Mirus for the Ninjatrader platform.

    The data and speed from Zen-Fire and TOS is exactly the same down to a split second with no noticeable difference on my screen.
  8. I know IB has TICK under one of the market watch screens.