Tice Sees U.S. Depression, Says Jobless Rate May Top 15%

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  1. ByLo is David Tice!!!

  2. If the government didn't lie about unemployment (along with everything else), we'd understand that the TRUE unemployment rate is already >15%.
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    By the time Tice turns bullish we will be watching Mad Max for quick tips on how to live
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    I heard the interview. He's talking 450 on the S&P.
  5. Tice rides a scooter around N. Dallas.

    When the economy finally turns and jobs are plentifully in Dallas County. David Tice will still be riding a scooter to Tom Thumb squealing about the end of times.

    The dumb in some is strong...whaddya gonna do?
  6. That's his sugar-coated number...
  7. I actually am in full agreement, so I really don't take exception to that.

    I think things are so much worse than 98% of the population does, but I don't think I'm pessimistic. I think I'm a realist.

    I've been telling people this is not a business cycle recession; we are undergoing a macro, structural change, and it will take a decade to complete the process.

    By the time all is said and done, and equilibrium is achieved, most people here will freely admit they would have never believed what they have by then witnessed, as we settle into the 'new normal.'

    The one component that could really make life hard for all global participants is productivity gains. That would exacerbate the problem by a magnitude that is truly frightening.

    If businesses increase output dramatically, using fewer employees and lower resource utilization, economic policy will have to be completely redeveloped to stave off the 'Greater Depression.'
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    Scooters are like fat chicks, they're fun to ride until your friends see you on one.
  9. LOL

    I've always loved that saying.

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