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  1. Hi there is lot of rumors going around tibra, they supposed to pay more than optiver, supposed to be really good, there math and logic test are really hard, they only take top peop.. etc. does anybody know more about, in general. about the firm, history etc.. base salary , i found a list of other paying firms, but im curious what tibra pays, is tibra really that good or just a fake firm ??

    is it as legit as Jane, and Optiver ?

    and what is the base salary for a trader ?

    Transmarket Group - 60k
    Group One - 42-50k (+5k sign-on)
    CTC - 65k (+ 5k sign-on)
    DRW - 60-65k (+ 5k sign-on)
    Optiver - 80-85k+

    SIG: 50-60k

    New York:
    Jane Street - 60k (+ 60k year-end)
    FNYS - 60k
    Trillium - 26k
    Chimera - 26k
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    tibra is a great firm they pay the same salary as optiver and claim to pay higher bonuses. they make a lot of cash
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    its legit. they dont have a US operation yet but will be in Chicago in about a year or so.

    why would anyone care about base salary as a trader? Wouldn't you be more interested in PL payout and how much risk you can take on? How fast you can get strategies into production?
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    tibra are struggling now.
  5. The rumor is and has always been that the Tibra owners 'borrowed' their previous employers prime trading algorithm and that several years on, it is not performing as well as it once did.

  6. Didn't Optiver sue Tibra a few years ago?
  7. To the best of my knowledge, it's still in process.
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    seems alot of bad rumours about tibra around