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  1. Hi guys,

    I have a 1.5 hr non-calculator test and logic test with tibra trading next week...and would really appreciate any tips...the HR people didnt say anything about the tests except that there are 40 qs for the maths test and 29 qs for the logic test ;(

    thanks in advance!!
  2. FGBS


    Which location and how did you apply?
    Does anyone know anything about these guys?

  3. the sydney office...and i applied through job ad...
  4. 666Stu


    Just wanted to bump this thread as i have been asked to come in for the Tibra maths/logic test.

    Anyone have any info on whats involved?

    I assume its quick mental arithamtic and number sequences etc, but if any one knows any more detail it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. DaveGe


    Did any of yous get the job at tibra?? or pass the maths tests??
  6. 666Stu


    I apparently did really well on the maths test but failed the logic test, which is annoying!!

    There's a little trick to each of the logic questions, if you know it the questions are easy - if you don't, they're pretty tough. I guess i just hadn't seen enough of those particular questions before.

    PM me if you want more details...........
  7. DaveGe


    How long did it take for them(Tibra) to get back to you after the maths tests to tell you if you have passed or not? 1 week?
  8. 666Stu


    It took them 5 days to get back to me.
  9. DaveGe


    I'm still waiting... it's been one week now.

    I did the test on the 2nd Oct, at the Sydney office (it's 9th today), the logic test was quite interesting, some questions sounded harder than they really are, like the once about who's in what color shirt, came what places, used what paint and was in what number. But i just couldn't get the one where you have to join 9 dots with 4 straight lines without taking the pen off the paper, any ideas?

    i didn't finish all the questions in both tests, but i did manage about 60% of them for each. Do you know what was the cut-off line for the logic test, i think it's 20 for maths.

    I also did the Optiver tests about a month ago, all three of them. I got all the way to the final interview and still didn't get the gig, the HR lady was a real pain, other than that, it seen like a nice place to work for. But Tibra seen nicer, at least the HR was...


    ps: I may get the bad news from tibra tomorrow, so legs cross. and if anyone wants info on the test questions (Optiver & Tibra), i'm more than happy to help.
  10. Hey, I'm going through Optiver's numerical tests soon, could you tell me a little more about them please.
    What do they consist of?
    Thanks in advance.
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