Tibet Exile official on Radio France International

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  1. This is a shocker. The webpage and the audio are both in Chinese:
    But here is an English translation:
    Apparently Mr. Dawacairen, an official in the Tibetan exile government, said the following:

    First I must declear, that Tibetans were following nonviolence from the beginning to the end. For Tibetans, violence is to harm a life. In the video we can see some beating of Han people. But these were merely beating. Afterwards the Han people would run away. It's only beating, not harming lives. So those who were killed were all accidents. You can see from Chinese communist reporting, that they were, when the Tibetans broke open the doors, they went to hide in the attics. So when the fire was set, they didn't run away but instead hid in the house. As a result they were accidentally burnt to death. People who set the fire never knew that there were people hiding in the attic. So there were both Han and Tibetan people who were burnt to death. These were all accidents, not massacre.

    This is worse than the Chinese guy who were defending the Tiananmen massacre. I think the Tibetan government should fire him.
  2. very funny.