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    I am starting this thread for several reasons, some of which are:

    1. To prove that trading is gambling.

    2. To prove how simple it can be for those who can apply logic and common sense.

    3. To prove that those who sell information do so for one reason and one reason only - profit!

    4. To prove that you do not need to have a high "IQ" in order to take money from other people - in fact, I will prove that it is the exact opposite and those who have an average "IQ" will do better at trading/gambling than the "gifted" ones!

    5. To prove that the majority of people who post know absolutely nothing about helping others realize their ambitions in life - some are genuine in their efforts, but due to the endless pit of misinformation in the public domain, they can think they are doing the right thing, but the reality is that they actually stop people from learning what it is they need to know and do!

    The first step in this process, for those who want to contribute and learn - as we will no doubt have a lot of what normally happens on these forums - is to think about the title of the thread and work out what it means?

    BTW, do a google search for the title and see how many hits come up!
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  3. Found one.
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    Only this i came up with is

    I am a suit

    Yea I know - wrong answer, but I’m bored, tomorrow is a holiday and the family is asleep
  5. Burning the midnight oil tonight huh buddy?
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    Yes Sir

    And I like your response better

    See Ya
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  8. Best one so far!
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    Well do we proceed to step two, or go back to start Sir
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