Thy Will Be Done

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TradeOff, May 7, 2004.

  1. Since we have the brightest minds gathered on this forum, here is a concept to be sounded out.

    The USA took a terrorist hit (I call it a primal strike) on 9/11 in which 1000s of people perished.

    In reaction the leader of this country (Bush) sends our military into Afghanistan, then Iraq, killing wounding and maiming countless numbers of people both violently aggressive and innocent alike.

    In Fallujah contractors were killed and drug through the streets.

    In reaction Bush sends troops there to apprehend the "evil doers" but instead accomplishes little more than getting more and more people killed, finally throwing in the towel and leaving, openly showing defeat.

    My question is, Where is God in all of this? If murder is "evil" yet the USA and extremist nations both kill, murder and destroy lives.

    Clearly Muslims worship a different "God" than Americans and Bush do.

    Whether it is "Allah" or "Jesus" is not the focus here.

    I would like to know: What is God's Will in all of this? The real God, creator of heaven and earth.

    To me, His name is the LORD God. Yet there are countless concepts of "Jesus" so I won't go there, though I do believe that the real Jesus Christ who came to earth, got crucified and resurrected for the sins of mankind, is the Son of God, this thread deals strictly with the concept of...

    Thy Will Be Done.

    If Almighty God wants something done it will be accomplished.

    What is God's will regarding the USA, terrorists, and Iraq beginning with 9/11?

  2. Well, you are assuming that God exists. And that it/he/she gives a damn. Perhaps, but more likely to me, God is a human concept that has been most useful to wage wars. If you cannot justify a war in any rational way you can always call it a war in the name of God and who would argue with that? This war is nothing else than a religious war and Bush will go down in history as one of the least civilized, least enlightened leaders of Western World. How does Bush differ from Arab fundamentalists? He does not NOT at all. The same way of thinking, the same approach, the same justification of actions.

    We have met the enemy. We are the enemy...
  3. *rolling eyes*

    Dude... you are off topic. You don't believe in God, fine, but that is not what this thread is about.

    Post your opinions on the Those who don't believe God exists thread.

    This was a deeper questions thread for bright and intelligent people to post on.

    Not sure why no one on ET has posted on it.

    ( : B
  4. there is no god
  5. Can you prove that, LS?
  6. yes.

    some people falsely believe that it is impossible to prove the unexistence of anything, but they are wrong. it can, for example, be proved that there is no even prime number greater than two.

    so there. put that in your pipe and smoke it. ha!
  7. I am God... kneel in front of me, Longshot, and receive my warmest love...
  8. Question: If there is no God, then where did the original concept of God come from? That within itself proves there has to be a God.
  9. Wow, as deep thoughts go... that is among the best!


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