Thursday's the "WildCard.......Look out$$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gold_Ric, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. Gold_Ric


    This is where the market pivots. We have earning surprises people , don't ignore!!

    BAX did a super slide off 29.50 I hope someone earned $$$$

    TKTX , Nice after hours Short off 21.50 , Holy Moly!!!!

    On the short End:

    FISV- I look for slide

    Good luck all!!!

    AAPL -another dumper

    DOnt forget PIXR,,Shes in motion!!!

    <Belle> FISV 27.23 -1.83 -6.30% 2.53M 18:37 Bid/Ask(27.44-27.45) Day Lo-Hi(27.05-29.01)
    [18:45] <Gold``> .aapl
    [18:45] <Belle> AAPL 14.17 -0.34 -2.34% 4.10M 18:37 Bid/Ask(14.16-14.17) Day Lo-Hi(14.10-14.63)