Thursday`s Market Focus

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  1. Market Focus ... Thursday - Dec 14, 2006

    The import/export price report, which offers hard signals for subsequent CPI and PPI data, is perhaps the most overlooked report on the calendar. Today's data will offer evidence whether the prices of imports are being pressured by the decline in the dollar.

    I wish we had more focus on the 'printing presses' in this country...but I guess that`s what you get when you have a dovish fed chairman---we will pay for his helicopter`s dropping money from the sky approach sooner or later.....the later----the harder we fall!

    Import and Export Prices
    8:30 ET
    Jobless Claims
    8:30 ET
    Quarterly Services Survey
    10:00 ET
    EIA Natural Gas Report
    10:30 ET
    3-Month Bill Announcement
    11:00 ET
    6-Month Bill Announcement
    11:00 ET
    [[[[Money Supply]]]]]
    4:30 ET
  2. futures down 6 (ym) usually they are being pushed up about this time to plus 20.
  3. down 11 looks like somebody wants this to go down today:)
  4. tried to push it up.....failed back down 15.......looks like good news is bad news again:)