thursday DOWN day for djia

Discussion in 'Trading' started by marketsurfer, May 28, 2003.

  1. based on simple daily candlesticks, thursday 5.29.03 should be a down day for the DJIA. we will see....


  2. I've been in an anti-stock market advance position for over two weeks now. Had been short earlier, but got stopped out. Now I am in the black, but am understanding more and more why Livingstone said he made his money sitting on his hands. Tops, bottoms, they take an inordinately long time to form - my patience is being tried.
  3. I went short towards the end of the day yesterday. The positions I held were up a bit today. Hoping to hit my profit target tomorrow.

    We'll see ....
  4. Ikspec


    Does that mean you're dumping your longs, surf?
  5. JT47319


    Commercials are still net long in the big Dow and S&P500. Will see this Friday if they've changed their mind, but they've been bullish for the past couple of months.
  6. prox


    I say gap down, close higher.
  7. Trajan


    I sold my net long option position in DNA on Monday, felt too good plus the futures expire in June. Wouldn't surprise me to see a rough couple of weeks and then rocket into July earnings.

  8. no

  9. nice call so far surf.
  10. prox


    and of course, it gaps up and closes lower :D
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