Thunderbolt 3-Fibre adapter or Faster Switch for low latency

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by sxathk, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. sxathk


    Hello all,
    I m trying to look for a low latency solution for my notebook connection from an ordinary 1Gbps IS Provider. Here are the ideas:
    1. Look for a faster switch/router (e.g. mikrotik) which connects to ISP via Fibre directly. Then connect my notebook to this switch by 1 GB Ethernet.
    2. Buy a thunderbolt-fibre adapter to connect the fibre from ISP directly.
    Appreciate any comments that can point out the solution with lowest latency. Thanks
  2. Girija


    If you post this at a tech forum you will get a suitable guidance (not disrespecting techy folks here) If you are thinking about improving network response for your quotes and orders, by doing what you ate attempting, then you are perhaps wasting money.
  3. Neither you nor any other trader is "fast enough on the trigger" for latency to make any difference at all.

    A "startle reflex" is usually ~300ms. An initiated action is usually ~700 ms. The ping on your internet is going to be waaayyy less than that. As a trader, "latency" is waaayyy down this list of "things important".
  4. kmiklas


    Who is your broker?
  5. sxathk


    IB. And my ping to them under 10ms I remember. Sometimes like 5-6ms. I try to shorten the path from my provider to my laptop. Thanks.
  6. sxathk


    We are doing Automated trading here... so A "startle reflex" for a fast CPU to react is much shorter than that i think...
  7. I still doubt lower latency would make any difference to your results overall... unless you're a HFT (trying to front-run orders and beat others to the punch).
  8. sxathk


    thanks folks. Perhaps not to that yet.
    I believe outpacing human decision as well as relative logic reasoning of average investor already is an advantage.