throwing in the fkin towel!!!

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  1. thats it.. i had enough of the bs. day trading is for fools. its a con game thats being run by a very few. the ones who bring home checks are as rare as finding a chicken with teeth.

    dont beleive the hype.. especially if its being told by mgmnt. whats ur loss is there gain. by the time u realize whats happened.. you'll be out of good some of money..

    i truely believe that if ur willing to devote the hard time and effort in this.. u can easely refocus that energy towards a better career that will bring u much success!

    and no i didnt get hammered.. im just smart enough to realize early that its a suckers bet.

    so all u people with a edgu-ma-cation, use your common sense and wake the frig up!
    you will FAIL!
    9 outta 10 do... what are the odds u being that one ? huh.. com'on... who u kiddin?

    p.s. averaging down is like shitting in your bed and using your foot to kick it out only to make a bigger mess!
  2. Someone got beaten down by the market ... don't deny it.

    If you're willing to put in the time and effort, you can be successful. I have been paper trading futures and doing some stocks/options for a few months now, and I haven't suffered any major losses. Just like you have a strategy for gains, you must have a strategy to cut your losses.

    Good luck ...
  3. 10%:)
  4. I'd have to agree. For the majority of fools out there, it *is* a sucker's bet which they'll definetely lose. Might want to check you grammar, btw.:p
  5. It's just like anything else as far as I can tell ... granted, I am still relatively new to it.

    If you don't understand science, how can you take a job as a scientist?

    If you don't understand computers, how can you take a job as a network administrator?

    If you don't understand business, how can you be a business owner/manager?

    If you don't understand the markets .. how can you expect to trade reliably?

    It's all a matter of effort versus output. The less effort you put in, the less of a return you get on it.
  6. First time in a while I laughed out loud at something I read here..

  7. Spxdes


    Hybrid market finally got to you, huh?
  8. lol
  9. my thoughts exactly!
  10. And you're being immature ... why?
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