"Throw grandma under the bus!"

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    I wonder just how much it would take for Obama Kool Aid drinkers to think twice about Obama? [​IMG]

    His early mentor was a Marxist.

    His elder mentor is a black, Archie Bunker racist who also hates the country.

    The church he attends preaches Black Liberation Theology which is basically communism.

    He throws his own grandmother under the bus and has the Reverend Wright drive over her.

    He exposes his children to a cult of thousands of racist, America-haters.

    Now he conveniently claims that if Wright had not retired he would have left his church. What about the thousands of cheering racist, America haters he goes to church with each week? Will he pull out of this church if they don't leave? Who would be left?!? (Just one racist, America hater - and his wife and two daughters.)

    His wife has obvious disdain for the country.

    He obviously has corrupt connections and dealings in regard to Rezko, et al.

    He is friends with an America-hating terrorist of the Weathermen.

    He had an endorsement on his website from the New Black Panthers until public exposure forced him to take that down.

    At least two of his regional offices have pro Che Guevara posters on the walls.

    He has a record as the most liberal senator in the senate, but insists he is not a liberal. (He is an ashamed liberal - how do proud liberals feel about that?)

    He claims to be a uniter, but has no record of ever reaching across the isle in the federal or state senates.

    So if these character attributes supposedly "qualify" Barack Obama to be president, what the heck would it take for Obama Kool Aid drinkers to throw Obama under the bus?!? [​IMG]
  2. even if one agrees with every statement above that still makes him better than the other choices of hillary and mcINsain.
  3. Gord


    And you call yourself a conservative?!? [​IMG]

  4. i guess that tells you how little i think of mccain and hillary... trust me they are baddddddddddd.
  5. Gord


    Of course there is little choice in a barrel of rotten apples. But Barack Obama?!? How the heck do you call yourself a conservative?!? [​IMG]
  6. You know I share your low opinion of both, but I am beginning to think that Obama may be a different threat altogether. We survived eight years of Clinton rule. McCain can't be worse than Bush, and may be considerably better on issues like spending.

    Obama however is probably the most leftwing Senator ever elected. Certainly he would be the most leftwing president ever. The Wright controversy seemed anomalous to his many fans in the media, but I am beginning to think it was anything but anomalous. Another thread detailed some of his far left connections, which of course the media is ignoring. Obama, perhaps by virtue of his very unusual background, does not really seem American. He even makes a show of shunning the patriotic gestures, like putting hand over heart during the National Anthem or wearing a flag pin, that others in public life treat as customary. His signature issue in the Senate is a vast expansion of foreign aid. Of course, he supports a massive erosion of our sovereignty, whether through the UN, illegal immigration, global warming treaties or naive disarmament policies.

    I used to think he might be a very capable guy who had adopted idiotic leftwing policies because it was expected of him, but I am beginning to see him instead as someone with a deep grievance against the country and a considerable amount of thus far suppressed rage. I think it could be a mistake to see him as well-intentioned but naive and misguided. He has a clear vision, and it is anything but uniting us, unless we all want to convert to black liberation marxism.

  7. ummmm duh.. he isn't my choice. do i like his policies.. of course not. i can't stand anything about all 3. but mccain is a war monger and hillary is a scag that went willingly along with the war criminals. please cite policy where mccain and hillary are better.

    mccain will run up even bigger deficits with his tax cuts and war escalation. he is a crazy nut. i don't want ww3. is obama better... slightly in this arena.

    i dont care about his pastor talking about whitey.. come on people.. if that stuff really scares you i feel sorry for all of you.
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  9. come on.. the hand over the heart was not during the pledge of allegiance. ever been to a baseball game? a lot of men just take their hats off during the national anthem. his claim follows this exactly.

    like i said.. he is not my choice.. but the other two make me want to vomit.. he doesn't make me want to vomit.

    the media wont allow a true patriot in the race.
  10. Yes, some people find false meaning in Obamas actions, like the hand over heart, his muslim name means he is a terrorist and other ridiculous propaganda. But Obamas roots show his affiliation with people who do not believe in capitalism. That is what should be questioned and looked into.
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