Three third-party libraries for mql4 in comparison, inquiry

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am not a coder here but i am developing an automated system in mql4. However, we are exploring these third-party extensions for mql4 right now.

    I wish if experts/programmers here can make a critical input regarding these products. So, a non-programmer like me can understand which one is most fit.


  2. No one :cool:
  3. Was it a stupid inquiry from me at start, or what?

    Why no one tried to give an input till now. Are you guys have anything against these solutions? Are you still testing it? Are you not interested about these frameworks?

    Now, my inquiry is about your response :D
  4. From when we talked about this before:

    It says the library is for communication between different EAs on different MT4 instances, but it's a standard, callable, DLL and can be used externally (your own application) just the same.

    If you email them, they'll even give you code snippets of it working in C#/.Net external apps.

    I'm not the best coder in the world (just some scripting skills from my IT days really) but I got it running in Python and C# myself.
  5. Thanks for your input Jack.. Always helpful.

    What i understood that.. this mt4i quickchannel DLL can be used with c# solution such as to control 2 mt4 instances in an efficient speed.

    Is my understanding correct?

    Also, i have read that some noticed some kind of memory leak with this quickchannel. Any update about this? and what is the reasonable solution for such thing? Only restart the computer every day? What about if i have thousands trades/ day? would this build up memory leak quickly that might require more frequent restart or even making this solution unreliable?

    I know i am asking many questions but soon during this summer i would get some programming knowledge that enable me to not asking too much or at least to get the answer quickly.

    Thanks for your input
  6. It's a callable programming library (DLL.) It directly connects MT4 to other MT4 EA's, or directly to your custom code. No other layer is needed besides your own code/program.

    There is no memory leak issue if you use the QC_FreeString() feature within C#/.Net

    You'd find this out, and a lot more including code samples, if you contact MT4i's support and ask.. they provide support for it without any fees.. just email.