Three Strategies Every Short Seller Must Know

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  1. Interesting, thanks for posting. Should be good stuff for others here, too, seeing that 75% of the board are professional short sellers :D
  2. Aren't 1 and 2 also called the "disaster strategy" ? :D


    "Economic Data Releases: Macro-market shorts are often made in anticipation of an economic data release or data-related event, such as the monthly non-farm payroll survey, FOMC interest rate announcements or GDP data (see "Five Things You Must Know About the Fed")."

    He fails to mention economic data release reaction fading.
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    an example of this was surf shorted CROX based on 1 & 2.
  5. Why anyone would short on valuation is beyond me. I love the threads about shorting GOOG, RIMM, BIDU and AAPL. Why would anyone short these stocks? Buying long dated OTM puts is one thing, your loss is defined, but flat out shorting? Ridiculous....Sure they are totally overextended and a pullback could start anytime, like when they report, but if they guide higher? You blow up.
  6. I shorted several times CROX, RIMM, it seems fine, made decent on short sale. of course, I just do minute-minute short sale, not hold against the major trend.

    bear in mind, CROX, RIMM, AAPL, GOOG, DRYS, ... or whatever, after a while, they will be trash or history

    new hot things will roll out, look at those new symbols from CHINA

    fxi... ACH...LFC...CEA....
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    LOL ... that was so funny
  8. also I shorted lots of vertical bars, kind of temperary top picking, made decent on those bars.

    yesterday I shorted LULU 3000shares at 50.5, and covered it at 47.33, no problem

    to me, anything you can short, if you have a sound reason and accurate timing skills.

    I shorted 3000shares QQQQ AH at 53.8, and covered it at 53.59.
    no big deal, only my wife feel very nervous when I said today I shorted ETF QQQQ, in her mind shorting ETF is a fire playing danger.
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