Three Oakland cops dead, one more in grave condition

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  1. hughb


    Notice that the citizens were taunting the cops at the scene of the first shooting.

    I wonder if it will get as bad up there as it did during the Black Panther heydays. They killed quite a few cops in the 70's.

    A couple of the younger guys at work like to play gangster rap and a lot of the lyrics are very anti-cop. Much of their music has the sounds of police sirens like you would hear for a traffic stop. One of the songs they frequently play has "fuck the police" in the chorus, (did I just use the word chorus for a rap song??), with the word police of course pronounced as po-lice.

    It's becoming a war out there between cops and blacks. The cops may have guns and badges, but the blacks have lawyers, ministers and most importantly the media on their side. It's going to get nastier.
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  3. It wasn't long ago that that San Fransisco cop shot that handcuffed unarmed black kid in the back,its not hard to see why blacks and cops don't get along
  4. Whitey might have to move to Canada since you and your bro's are eating all the food in the USA.

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  5. "People lingered at the scene of the first shooting. About 20 bystanders taunted police."

    This is exactly why the black community will continue to be a cesspool of violence, Instead of being happy another criminal is off the street, they f'n harass the cops. Stupid fucking niggers ruin it for any decent black person trying to make it out of the ghetto.
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    niggers aint playing, run, thing are getting worse, pack your shit and run as far as you can from america.
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    If things got so bad that people start functioning in simple survival mode (PR thrown out of the window) it's gonna be niggers running.
  9. We'll still have 95% of the money and you will still have the legal right to taunt cops... go for it Democrats...

    Edit: I laugh at badass blacks in LA. They lost all sorts of territory to Mexicans and had to move to the Mojave Desert !! Mexicans ran out the blacks, what a joke... and the Mexicans had to hold down two jobs while the blacks had all day to get even, still couldn't work it out...
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    This is pretty damn funny because it's true. This is happening in Atlanta as well. Blacks being run out of their crap neighborhoods by hard working Mexicans who provide for their families.

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