Three monitor setup

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Szeven, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. I think this question is a bit different than the ones i have read so i made a new thread.

    I read that if you have a 2 port AGP video card (which i have) then you can install a single port PCI and have 3 monitors.

    My question is, as i already have a 2 port AGP, can i just plug a third monitor into the slot already built in on my motherboard? Its an asus p4p800 i believe, and it has 'on board graphics', but i just opted to buy a better video card that i see happens to have 2 slots (1 DVI, 1 'regular').

    It would be great if i can have 3 monitors and actually not have to buy another card.

  2. Schaefer


    Some motherboards will automatically disable the onboard video port as soon as you plug in an AGP or PCI card, so it may or may not work on your motherboard. But you could always experiment and find out.

    I'd rather just get a cheap PCI dual head card and save the anger and aggravation for trading :D

    Happy trading.