Three-Fingered Mummified Humanoid Found in Peru

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    I am assuming that this is a hoax until proven otherwise.

    However, if this isn't a hoax, this will obviously dramatically change history.

    Samples are being DNA tested right now.

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    This ET did not phone home :D
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    Curious people find stuff all the time that should change history but it always disappears. I knew a prospector that knew a prospector named Bickel in the Mojave Desert. The guy was finding tools that would fit people 10' tall and always looking for the bones. He found the skeletons eventually, they made him the President of the Archaeological Society, eventually he died and the bones are gone...
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  5. The three fingers could be just the result of a genetic abnormality.
    Speaking of genetics, how did they find enough genetic material on the remains to run tests to begin with?
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    Below is a link to another website that apparently has a lot of these mummies in various sizes and is also currently analyzing them. The results of the analysis will be posted to this website as early as next month including DNA analysis.

    Supposedly, these humanoids are reptilian and several of them have medical metallic implants. In the videos below several doctors (paid actors?) say they are real and there is evidence of growth in the bones.

    Again, I am sure this is a hoax however this is a pretty elaborate hoax. If it is a hoax, someone spent a lot of time putting together these mummies.

    Some youtube videos below:

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  8. That's actually pretty surprising and impressive. I didn't realize that it has become possible.
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    shouldn't this be in the fiction section?
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    Probably, we will find out. However, there are scientific test being conducted.
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