THREE DAYTRADES Thursday (and hold overnight)

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  1. Rock N Roll markets gives us small opportunities which we should try in some small way to take full advantage of.

    1) IOMI $6.01 presently closed last night at $5.88 gap up this morning on upgrade of PT to $6.41, drifted nicely into buy zone. Yesterday these guys were the craze with funding received from the gov for a patch that enhances flue vaccines.

    2) GIGM $10.44 last night close $10.35 presently, high of $10.94! Made great purchase today.

    Analyst Todd Eilers believes co. poised to deliver above-average revenue, EPS growth for next several years driven by further penetration of European I-gaming markets, increased casual game operations in Asia, expansion of its real-money, I-gaming platform into Asian markets... Notes while rest of I-gaming industry scrambling to survive after passage of Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, subsequent loss of US customers, expects GIGM to continue to deliver record results as a result of never having any exposure to US market... Sees $0.33 '06 EPS, $0.53 '07.

    3) FTGX don't know this story as well but it keeps popping up $8.52 open $9.25 high! Now $8.71

    If you believe in the market and feel we have an up day tomorrow you buy these three now. If you feel the semi's are pointing the way down and we are going to have a huge tech selloff you might say all three peaked. I don't believe that is the case. I see IOMI as a $1> 2 day trade and FTGX as a momentum run to who knows where. It feels a bit scary <$7.90 - $8.00 would be a better buypoint> but if Mr. Market turns up at 3:00 pm I'll give it a shot. I've added GIGM to my large portfolio today & feel very strongly about this stock- know it well.
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    why dont we all follow the advice of someone who describes himself as "stoned".
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    Too funny :D
  4. I know the market is going to fade on me but that's me 1500 IOMI holding out at $6.05. And I'm... In! God Help Me. My feeling is if the old price target was $7 and it was moved up to $8 today we should have floor near here. And we have a nice bit of good news gov funding wise yesterday with the potential of a huge payout if they execute....

    We'll see. bought more GIGM just put 1000 in the wife's IRA.

    This FTGX I'm putting a buy alert in just under $8.00 I don't trust the 50 cents inbetween.

    There's an old saying don't judge a book by it's cover.
    But in my case you can. ~ stoney
  5. GIGM stirring folks this is a last chance for you all.

    Still quite LONG despite the 90 cent run up. IOMI
    flat expecting a POP there too!~ stoney
  6. GIGM nears apex of intraday bull pennant...

    DAYTRADE BUY INGN NOW. $5.63....
  7. *GIGM makes a move & surges out of apex of intraday pennant... Common folks do I have to hold your f*ing hand! You're $1.30 or so behind already just because you want to come down on my stagename. This is going to $14 plus. If I told you I was from would that make you feel better?
  8. Stoned what about GIGM earnings (Feb8?) - can they miss?
  9. Tank I would never say this normally about any stock but they absolutely cannot miss! Ontop of that- Gigamedia shall guide HIGHER. They have managed to miss the whole dislocation that hurt many pay for play game operators who also had business here in the states. When the US took away credit card payments for gambling it crushed a lot of their competitors who also participate in far east markets. Exciting new games on the way and a further penetration op the Chinese market are on the way. If our Nasdaq can stay on it's feet I can see $15 in short order. If things get wobbly here we may have to take $13 and change.
  10. This is awkward thinking at best but China correction good for GIGM based in Singapore? >GIGM surges on heavy volume & breaks out to new session & 4 month highs!.....
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