Three Checkpoints, Three Phases

Discussion in 'Journals' started by JNM, Mar 5, 2012.

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    I have $79.5K. I wanted to set public checkpoints, I'm doing so, using this journal format, I've got my reasons. They are simiar to everybody elses.

    Phase I: Mean monthly return of $3.75K, with a std dev of $5K
    Check Point I: Reach $192K.
    Phase II: Mean monthly return of 1.75%, with std dev of 2%
    Check Point II: Pay off my house.
    Phase III: Mean monthly return of 1.171%, with std dev of 0.846%, Figure out hw to charge and 20.
    CheckPoint III: Charge 2 and 20, putting up 1.171%/mo, at 0.846% std dev.

    Put in other terms, for the first phase, I want to make $45K per year, and every month will get continually get less risky. To me, too large of gain is just as bad of a sign, as is a large loss: it means I'm not following my rules.

    I am going to see how it goes, and do some math later, to see if I should tighten/loosen up the std deviations. Those might change, the means shouldn't.

    I don't know how often I will end up posting. I figure at least once a month.
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    I'm at 79.7K.

    Last week, I saw a high of $80.8K, and a low of $79.2K.

    Right now, I have too much gamma risk on, and would like peel off a fifth, to two fifths, on my ES position.