Three black crows

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  1. (or at least pretty close) formed the last three trading days in the NASDAQ 100 index. Also cloooooose to the downtrend line which has held for over five months. Just trying to keep the longs happy by being wrong again.
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  2. Longer Term View - Descending Triangle.

  3. ...thanks, I hadn't noticed that. It's not that clean on NDX. Attached is what I drew for LT on daily.
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  4. ...and predict doom at precisely NQ 1477.5 (by my calculation) or nearer to round numbers, like the vicinity of QQQ 36.75 and NQ 1480.0? I love this bullshit! 50% chance of randomly being randomly right randomly! Now if Jack only played NQ, he could tell us what to do!
  5. I believe you guys have it mixed up. Three black crows are three down days with the open and close lower than the previous day. The opposite for three white soldiers.

    PS - I AM NOT recommending this service/site - just providing the picture.
  7. ...are wrong. Three white soldiers according to my book is a bullish bottoming pattern. Maybe ain't no name for it. May it means nothing. MAYBE we should be TRADING!
  8. ..."three line strike" on page 167 of Morris.
  9. Well said.....:eek:
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