Threat on freedom speech in trading ? Frank Taucher's case

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. Who is Frank Taucher ?
    "First Place Winner of "The $40 Million Investment Challenge" for having produced the highest verifiable investment return, 1980 - 1993, as reported in "Forbes" magazine and "The Wall Street Journal")"

    Frank Taucher, trader and author of trading books, has just won his trial against CFTC about 2 months ago as I read the conclusion (but I lost the url). He won because the judge has said than CFTC violated his freedom of speech.

    What is strange is that on a letter I have read two years ago CFTC pretexted that Technical Analysis, by standard academy doesn't work so the reason they sued him :D
  2. I think Taucher's problems with authorities started when they wanted him to apply for an advisor's licence because he published an Almanac.

    He refused out of principle and got involved in a few courtcases.

    Now I am all for crooks and conmen being hounded except that it doesn't appear to happen too often.

    Taucher's case is something else. He publishes (and has done so for many years) a well respected Almanac. I did't see him selling seminars for several thousand dollars a pop ripping people off.

    Good for him that he had the guts and the money to be able to stand up and fight because he felt he was being persecuted.

    Hoowever it also means that if one cannot afford to spend the money to defend oneself one will be persecuted and be condemned because one's opponent has money to intimidate one and poor innocent me (or you) cannot afford to fight expensive courtcases.

    What would you have done Harry ? Would you have caved in and applied for an advisor's licence or would you have stood up and fought ?

  3. Another example of the CFTC squandering its resources on stupid cases, even as it lets admitted crooks get off with slaps on the wrist. Their goal is all about expanding their jurisdictional reach and forcing more and more people to kiss their ass. That way they can hire more attorneys, go to congress and justify more funds, etc. One of the eternal natural laws of Washington.