Threads being removed as market rebounds?

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  1. anyone else notice that when the market recovers into the close threads get moved?

    we're ending green

    go PPT!
  3. More rumors of mark to market being removed?
  4. FRE, FNM going to subsidize stressed homeowners and buy down the principal.
  5. Chit Chat :cool:
  6. this EOD rebound was so predictable..light volume..test of support...

    everyone was diving in on the short had to end at some point.
  7. S2007S


    That happens and you could see a 1 day 3% rally, which of course will be an opportunity to sell.
  8. I would guess that an end to the MTM rules would lead to at least an 8% rally.
  9. ride this into the close

    October 10th lows retested, and recovered.

    market will not relinquish support.
  10. Don't get in front of the train. This is the start of a good rally.
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