Thread trashed: "How to research and verfiy trading ideas", WTF ET?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Mike805, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. All ET has to do is charge someone $0.01 through pay pal to get this multiple alias/multiple IP BS out of here. Its so simple.

    Give me a reason to stick around? Same retard keeps trashing the same threads over and over again and you do nothing about it. Its been years BTW, the same ass doing the same thing...

    That was a good thread. Its gone and so am I.

    Bye bye ET. Been nice here but you don't keep a clean house. Maybe I'll start posting again if you get your act together.

  2. Baron

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    Funny, because you haven't clicked on the complaint link on any of his posts even one time. If you can't be bothered to notify the mods of the EXACT POST(S) that need to be cleaned up, then how do you think they are going to be taken care of? Generic messages in this forum like "Thread trashed" mean nothing. Click on the complain link of posts that need to be handled, and they will be dealt with shortly.
  3. Seriously? This is what it comes down to? I've used the complain link maybe 2 times in my years here....

    Ok, fine, your approach is to blame the contributors for not flagging problems on your website? I can handle that.

    However, here's the next set of problems. Talon has had posts removed by moderators. Good posts that are lost. I've had posts removed. It seems like your approach towards moderating is hit-n-miss. The idiots have just as much power as the normal people. Case in point, you have several multiple IP/Alias posters that dominate the content.

    In the last three hours I have recieved over a dozen emails from ET by way a poster named BoWoII, and yes he's on my ignore list. He's posting the same crap over and over again. If its not him, its "sisboom" or whatever reincarnation of that ID. This is the major problem. I stopped complaining when I realized its the same jerk everytime.

    Look, I post under the same handle in wilmott, and a few other sites. Those sites, while perhaps not as popular as ET, do not have this type of dynamic where 10% content is surrounded by 90% junk. The thread in question was 90% content and that was rare. The mod's deleted good posts by talon and could not control a simple multi-alias problem. Granted, that multiple alias issue has been plaguing this site for years. Since you seem to be making little effort to address this via a terms of serivce change such as charging via pay pal, or some other method, I've lost the inclination to post anything worthwhile here as it will often fall into a void of incessant multi-alias garbage.

    Sorting garbage becomes a bit of pain after a while, especaially when its the same garbage...

    Again, rather than blame us for not using the complain button, make an effort to address the heart of the issue.

  4. Post this Piker's physical address so we discuss his complaint eyeball to eyeball.
  5. Joe


    BoWoII posts have been removed and he has been banned. If you run into people like this, let us know. We will take care of it.
  6. You have several excellent reasons to stick around:

    1. your objective reasoning is an example to all.

    2. You respond specifically to questions ask of you.

    3. You keep a specific focus on topics and when you begin to participate, you continue until the topic is exhausted (meaning it is completely handled to everyone's satisfaction.

    You are not a complainer nor a person who uses ignore. You put up with a lot of "moderation" that does not forward your purposes.

    The consequences of all these things is that you set the quality that is possible in forms. You are a top gun in helping maintain the interaction of people who want to move forward.

    I messed up the forum you contribute to. I felt, strenuously, that two related market aspects could be integrated into the verification process to strengthen it. I could not handle the 12yo drill assigned to me so I reverted to some humor.

    I also did not consider the impact of what I knew comes when I post anywhere. Even the moderator is inclined to take shots at me and I knew that was a downside too. The thread was much more important than my postings and the detractions I precipitate anywhere I post.

    So I apologize for messing up the thread as a consequence of the inevitable. ET can only do so much as a consequence of its technology and manpower. I marvel at the potential of this time in trading.

    We all thank you for your constructive viewpoint and extreme tolerance.