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  1. lol

    it seems like the anti-obama threads get great ratings, while the pro obama threads get shitty ones

  2. kut2k2


    It's deliberate reichtard agitprop. You have to counteract it by voting the opposite in the ratings box below the thread.
  3. ah! and to think, there was an entire battle going on behind the scenes without me knowing!
  4. Maybe it's because the anti-NObama threads are thought provoking and raise poignant points.

    While the pro-Obama threads are merely, "Rah, rah Obama... Don't think about anything, don't use your head... Why? Just rah, rah, Obama." (Qualifies as jibber, you know.)

    BTW, how are ratings assigned and by whom?
  5. lol I wish. Most of the anti-Obama threads are fucking stupid and you know it.
  6. You just proved my point... LOL
  7. Ok here are the main premises behind some of the anti-obama threads on the main page: of Barry Hussein Obama partying down with PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi, a crowd of palestinian terror supporters and former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

    2.Obama Birth Certificate Issue Goes to Hawaii Supreme Court-HAHAHA

    3.Obama sets fundraising records on a continual basis. (sources too many to list)In order to raise the cash, Obama had to go back on his word.

    4. Attack Obama on Wright, Ayers and ...

    haha need I say more?
  8. I don't know. Are those legitimate questions and you're attempting to mock them just because they are not "Rah, rah, Obama"?
  9. but some of them highly entertaining...especially love the birth certificate flap:D

    I keep thinking Geraldo Rivera is gonna look into the VAULT!:eek:

    and as far as ratings...NOTHING in chitchat deserves a rating:cool:
  10. Originally I didn't want to encourage them, but then I started thinking that the more that they write about that and get excited about it, the worse they'll do with the general public -- very much like Clinton's killing of 42 people. :)
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