Thread on Obama in P&R Removed Why? Since when do we have to be PC in the P&R forum?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by BernardRichards, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. This is the thread I started in the P&R forum on Obama

    If you are not sure that Obama is evil than take one look at his mentor and pastor, "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright. Never mind, that be bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, the country that spawned the 911 murderers, cozed up to the nefarious communist dictator Hugo Chavez, and now he has identified Israel as enemy #1 of the US for initiating a construction project in its capital, Jerusalem, that is not to the liking of his imperialistic Muslim coreligionists.

    I never had a thread on P&R censored before in over 2 yrs. because I aim to stay well within ET TOS as I promised. I didn't threaten the POTUS or anyone else. I was just echoing the views of many people in the Conservative and Tea Party movement like Sean Hannity. Why was my thread censored then?
  2. I think assination talk is too close to simply being illegal.
    Even if couched in "What If" scenarios.

    I believe full accountability in the light of day for all illegal, treasonous activities in Corporate DC
    would be the healthiest for America and wake it's populace up properly to true civil responsibility.

    A full forthright thrust of correction and a purge of all that do not
    support and agree to their oath to uphold the Constitution.

    Less than that is to have liars and thieves and covenant breakers destroy America.
  3. I removed it.

    I have no love at all for Obama, but discussing ANYTHING related to Presidential Assassination is not to be posted here.


    You wanna discuss how Obama is a bad President, fine. I'd love it, personally (but even if I didn't, I wouldn't remove it).

    But persist in assassination commentary and I'll delete all the content, up to and including your username/posting privileges.
  4. Fair enough. Then this thread should be deleted as well, and the thread originator should get a single warning. Oh, wait. That warning would have been the last thread deletion...
  5. This thread serves as a warning, and support to the credence that this site does not stand that type of talk.

    I removed the relevant text from the OP of this thread.
  6. cstfx


    Oh, and NOW they say "good job Ivan".

    I tell ya, you just can't win with this crowd.
  7. I structured my thread carefully. I did not discuss Obama's assassination.

    I assumed it is a fait accompli already because some people are very angry with the way he is governing this nation, and discussed the aftermath of such an action.

    Insinuating that I discussed Obama's assassination in that thread is a damn lie from certain of my "fine and ethical friends" in the P&C forum.
  8. I'm sorry, I don't agree with your assessment. That is why I acted.
  9. I know. That is why I made the secondary thread in the P&R forum so I can explain my side. I was pretty certain I was going to be libeled on that thread as discussing Obama's assassination, but I decided to go with it anyway, and leave it up to the moderator to judge between me and my accusers.
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