Thread "if you want to fail study TA" was started by an imbecile, have a look

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    This below is a quote by "The Expert" who started a popular ET thread. In this quote he doesn't use 5-10 emoticons so he was serious when he typed this.

    Let this be a lesson for you new people. When you see a person claim that futures are hard to trade and you need a lot of money for them. Right there you have a BS artist, a small time piker sticking to stocks and his 200-400 share trades.
    And this is the man teaching you how to trade.

    A real trader has decided to learn to trade futures because a real trader realizes that futures are great for larger positions that will one day be needed as account grows.

    Real trader doesn't stick to stocks and look at futures as BIG BOYS play that you should never touch.

    A real trader utilizes tight and wide stops depending on strategy and volatility in futures not based on "oh its futures so don't use tight stops"

    The Expert I realize you get your jollies this way having masses hang on to your GURU words and mostly cryptic responses. But this site is called ELITETRADER because some of us see you as worthless trash piker inexperienced trader that you are.

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    In all fairness though people who know their game don't usually bother teaching.

    So you are stuck with Willing Imbeciles
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    "The Expert" is welcome in this thread to match wits if he/she chooses to and public can learn something.

    I won't dignify his thread by posting there.
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    Threads devoted to bashing one poster are probably a bigger waste of time than jerking off to elephants.