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  1. Has the "Psychology" sub-forum turned into "anything goes" sub-forum? I read the following threads and I couldn't seem to find a shred of discussion about trading.

    Forums ›› Trading for a Living ›› Psychology ›› Better trading, Better living through Peanut Butter= You Betcha

    Forums ›› Trading for a Living ›› Psychology ›› How Races and Religions Match in Online Dating

    Forums ›› Trading for a Living ›› Psychology ›› Will we ever be able to play Cowboys and Indians again
  2. This too:

    Forums ›› Tools of the Trade ›› Educational Resources ›› BBC - Coalition air strike near Brega kills rebels

    Same offender for 3 out of 4.
  3. I took care of some of these threads...

    Thank You

  4. Joe


  5. I stand corrected. :)
  6. oraclewizard77

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    Could we rename the Psychology thread to Psychology and Health.

    I think Health is very important in trading, and it will broaden appeal in this section.
  7. I must agree wtih you on that.

    No Health = No Trading!
  8. Jimbo2 turned into "ETafriad of FED".

    Received in PM:

    This is what? maybe 10th time my threads showing Zionism to be NAZISM are deleted

    while threads bashing muslims are allowed

    pro war threads by Jews on ET GOOD

    anti FED threads by me BAD ....and so they are deleted


    the rest of his trash PM deleted.

    Listen Jimbo2 or "ETafriad of FED" or whatever you want to reincarnate as...

    I don't give a hoot what your view is. Jewish or no Jewish, black or no black, Obama or no Obama. You can't litter all over the place. I came to to discuss only one thing: Trading. I didn't come here to discuss music, cooking, stamp collecting or travel. There are specific websites/forums for them. Spend your time and energy more wisely. You can live a more productive life!

  9. I take it then, that this fellow has already been addressed? And how do they keep doing that mass mailing stuff, can ET do something about this?
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