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    a moderator originated a thread and arranged to have the thread closed because he could not withstand criticism of his remarks.

    Is IB ripping off option traders?

    is this kind of behavior condoned by ET?

    "However, for me even better it tells me if the quote on IB can be trusted or not. If the limit price on IB is close to the price on yahoo, and I want to take the trade at this limit, I will not manually change the price of the limit order. But if yahoo shows a big discrepancy, then I will change the limit price in IB so I don't get ripped off. "

    'Was the title of the thread a little outrageous? Yes, I don't really believe they are ripping me off, but I take creative license to generate responses to my thread."

    response:"There is, however, something vaguely ethically fishy when a moderator start a thread with controversial statements with the explicit intent to drive up page view and response.

    "By the way, I am closing the thread now, since I don't think there are going to be better responses."

    note the use of the phrase "I am closing." hubris.

    the op/moderator owes 2 apologies. one to the ET community. the other should be to IB. it was very poor judgement on his part.
    furthermore the thread should be reopened for further comments.
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    that's the point. the OP who is a moderator on a different forum exercised poor judgement. he did not request a change in the thread title but under criticism said I am closing this thread.

    as to the link u posted above it was also closed prematurely. the request was obviously a joke and should have been disregarded.
  4. Who cares? Anyone can have their thread closed if they request it.