Thousands in NYC public housing still without heat, power

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    Ask me If I give a shit.
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    Why'd you post then?
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    Obama has forgotton all about NYC, NJ and Sandy. It was just a handy event to use for a few days. FEMA is just as bad as during Katrina except that the aren't being told to stay out. They are staying out on their own accord.

    Of course, you won't hear the press screaming how this is Obama's fault. It's still Bush's fault, he owns FEMA.

    Where are those formaldehyde FEMA trailers? Let's roll some of those into that liberal strong hold and let them live in those things for a while.
  4. There was an article on stackable high density emergency housing, (sigh) no one followed through but the designs are out there to have them avaialable for these sitautions.
  5. Obama left after his photo-op, left the people of Staten Island to freeze to death.
  6. This makes these poor people seem like zoo animals.
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    Are you surprised it's easier getting through a crisis when you know everyone's in the same boat?
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    BUT the bleeding heart Obamabots won the election. So...who cares?
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