Thousands gather for climate change rally in D.C.

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  1. The crowd included senior citizens in wheelchairs, people clad as polar bears, a dad from Indiana cradling his toddler daughter wrapped in blankets, women from a Unitarian church in Corvallis, Ore., and college students including Florida's Molly Kampmann, who was holding a picture of a pipeline that read "this is why I'm hot."

    Others held placards saying, "Read my lips: no new carbons," and "We're in a climate hole: stop digging." Another, referring to a method for extracting natural gas, said: "Don't be frackin' crazy."

    "We're right in the path of sea level rise," said Mark Geduldig-Yactrosky, explaining his concern about climate change. He took a bus with a group organized by the Sierra Club in Portsmouth, Va. "We're a low-lying area. We have rising oceans and subsiding lands. So that personalizes it for us."

    "There's no time for half measures. ... We have to start leaving carbon in the ground," McKibben said in pre-rally comments. He said Canadian environmentalists have blocked alternate pipeline routes for transporting tar sands within their country so the Keystone route is developer TransCanada's last option.

    McKibben, author of The End of Nature and other books, says dozens of environmental and civic groups are converging to create a public movement in favor of fighting climate change. He noted that activists, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and civil rights leader Julian Bond, were arrested in Keystone XL protests last week outside the White House, as were 1,238 people in September 2011.

    Obama has pledged repeatedly to tackle climate change. In his State of the Union Address, he gave Congress an ultimatum: if lawmakers don't act, he will. Protesters say they are holding him to his word. They want him to not only reject the pipeline but also set limits on carbon pollution from both new and existing power plants. Last year, the EPA proposed limits only on new plants.
  2. Proving that only the truly ignorant go to D.C.
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    AGW doesn't exist.

    People gathering to protest a non-existent phenomena doesn't trouble me.
  4. I applaud the freedom of speech but :

    You're seriously deranged to think we would do anything other than laugh at these idiots.
  5. Does the U.S. government spending 4 Billion of your tax dollars each year to solve a 'non-existent phenomena' trouble you?

    Bad science leads to bad (and expensive) policy.
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    Just for clarity, do you disbelieve GW, or just AGW?
  7. I do not believe that man has any significant influence on global warming, global cooling, or large-scale climate change. In particular I do not believe that man-made CO2 released in the atmosphere is causing 'global warming' or 'climate change'. The earth's temperature goes in natural cycles... just as it has for thousands of years - even before man showed up. The temperature in each hemisphere is also dependent on short-term and long-term changes in the axial tilt of the earth.

    The scientific proof for 'global warming' is weak at best and most of the data sets used by global warming promoters are completely fraudulent (due to them deliberately filtering out adverse data or adding fake data as in the East Anglia dataset).

    'Global Warming' or 'Climate Change' is more of a political movement and money-making scam than any type of scientific reality.
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    Yes. But I believe they'll drive the US economy into the ground and get themselves voted out.
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    to dominate or preoccupy the thoughts, feelings, or desires of (a person); beset, trouble, or haunt persistently or abnormally: Suspicion obsessed him.

    to think about something unceasingly or persistently; dwell obsessively upon something.
  10. It's irrelevant.
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