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    General thinking about where the futures will open tonight. Sunday Sept 28
  2. Pelosi is saying Wednesday for a vote??

    futures up until tomorrow when everyone realizes that interbank lending is still frozen..

    the bigger deal is the temp. short sale rule.
  3. wow ESZ8 up 4.50

    we're saved
  4. rally lasted 7 minutes...

    Pelosi discussing another bailout...
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    I use to trdae the same contract. I stay out of what I don't know.
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    Got ahurricane comning. Got to shut down.I'm on the east coast of Canada.
  7. In the 1929 crash, big investors tried to save the market through massive buying of equities. This course of action only worked for a few days.
  8. I believe they went to JP Morgan (the man himself) and asked for $10 million to prop up the market.

    didn't last...
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    yeah - and what were the valuations back then? what were the demographic trends in 1930s? what was the role of trade? etc...
  10. i rather this kind of calm action even a slight down move rather than a 100 point gap rally like we had last week only to close the gap 2 days later, slow and steady> kamikaze gung ho
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