Thoughts regarding OmniTrader 2002 (Not just a poll!)

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by SentientPC, Dec 12, 2001.

  1. Has this program gotten any better over the year? I tried the 2001 version as a supplement to my game and it was almost useless to me. I was just curious as to if anyone has tried the new version. The Real Time version seems great at $995, until you realize the real star of the program is the "optional" ARM2 Knowledge Base, which will set you back another $2,500 for stocks or $3500 for futures on top of your $995 :)

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    A few years ago I tried OT 2000, found it to be worthless garbage, returned it for refund. They still send me promotions, recently got one for OT 2002, pretty much looked the same to me.

    Maybe they've improved it, maybe not, but I disagreed with the fundamental approach of not allowing you to "freeze" the backtesting results so that you can review them at a later date (and see how well they worked...) That is, if you run the backtest on Day A, it provides various buy/sell signals. If you then run the backtest a few days later on Day B, it provides new buy/sell signals but wipes out the previous ones so that you can't see if any of them were effective.
  3. I am pretty sure that with the newest version you can "freeze"
    the backtesting results. This has been one of the bummers of
    OT in the past. I do not have the program myself. Maybe
    someone else will pipe up and spill the beans on this...

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    I tried Omni Trader a couple years ago, and it was not very good as I recall. More importantly, I just received a spam from Nirvana Systems. This alone should tell you something. If it is so good, why must the company send a spam offer? ("Regularly $495, now $295!") Of course this price is for the very limited version, which will be useless to most traders.
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    let me play echo here: I used OmniTrader a few years ago. Basically worthless. All it does is continiously optimize some very simple technical systems. It would change it's historical signals when better system combinations were found.

    I at some point ran a look-forward test of their optimizations on both indices, stocks and futures (mosty currencies). Not a single instance of positive results.

    Forget about it. I too, get all the junk mail.