thoughts on YHOO

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  1. and recent icahn stock purchases, given that microsoft was willing to pay 30+ dollars a share 6 months is kinda saying something to me.

    your thughts ?
  2. Technology mergers are nothing more than glorified "insanity". :cool:
  3. =================
    Good laugh Nasdaqqq:D

    Wanted to buy it, somewhat;
    Carl Ichan has done very well over the years.

    Great trade, Carl .Nabisco Group Holdings, great products=tasty trade

    Main reasons i have not;
    counter trend positions[meaning -buying in a bear market]of mine tend to be smaller, good reasons for that.

    Trend is a much better friend ;
    than countertrend.

    Also mr Ichan may very well make money;
    he got better than 50% off $30 year to date high.
    May buy @ 80 +% off, or simply go with the SPY,QQQQ selling trend.........................
  4. I think Yahoo will need a bailout.
  5. going to 5