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  1. Good Day.

    A lot happened in the past few weeks, and most of us spend more time staring at the screen to see how far further down it goes or (sometimes) up.
    It is time to look at some strategies on the WS site. Remember most systems show their historical research results on WS, and I wouldn’t trust anything that doesn’t. Anyway, historical research can be tweaked (optimized). A situation like the current market condition is a real test for many of us and a test for many strategies on WealthSignals.

    Lets start with everybodies darling:

    ETF Pairs Arbitrage
    The one strategy that made us all happy and produced so many profits in the past years got hit hard. With the largest drawdown ever (>40%) and a loss for the year of approximately 35%. I can not say I am happy with it but I stick with the system, why?
    Because considering that it trades QLD (and QID) exclusively and that QLD is down approximately 50% I consider the system doing still better than the underlying. I watch it closely to see if the logic behind it is broken even after the volatility is gone, until then I remain a subscriber!

    Rharian Portfolio - Low Volatility-High Return
    This one has been around since April 2017, I totally did not have this on my list of strategies to watch! Historical research only goes back until 2009. Don’t like that, since it misses a lot of difficult markets (2000 and 2008). However, it seems to survive the current crash quite well, actually VERY well. It is up for the year (15%) and drawdown was only close to 8% this year. Results from research dropped by half and some other figures indicate that the system is too optimized (or the historical data was “bad”). In any case, the system showed unusual behavior and strength during these wild times.

    A quit smooth rider, not a screamer when the market goes up but apparently not a screamer when the market goes down. Seems to be a nice addition for a retirement account. Something that keeps you busy and connected to the market with some nice little return. An annual percent return (APR) of 9.6% since going live over 4 years ago on WealthSignals (again much better in historical research). Now that commission is gone the results should improve a little too. Check out the logic and the results here.

    What can I say about this one? I put it here because I think it is crazy. You might find it even more crazy that I publicly admit here that I was/am trading it since a many month. It influences my trading decision. For some reason it seems to work, keeps you out of bad drawdowns and puts you back in after approximately 14 days. This strategy has been published on the (old) Wealth-Lab site in 2003. We have not changed the code or optimized it afterwards (even though I would have a couple ideas). So we felt it deserves the out of sample data for the past 17 years. Currƒmayently I am long the Qs on it and I already know I need to sell it in a couple of days because the moon tells me so. I will sell it but will “invest” in a few stocks that I think will go up again in the soon future.
    Anyway, check it out here and let me know why YOU think it is working so well? Maybe I will tell you my new theory then.

    Final words for this post:
    I did not pick the top performer of the past weeks, I also considered how long a strategy is “alive” on WealthSignals. So if some of the publishers that showed good results did not get mentioned it was not on purpose. WealthSignals might not have as many strategies as some other popular competing sites but it displays historical research results with most systems, which I find VERY important. It is much more cost efficient for publishers and subscribers. Check it out and leave your respectful opinions here for some nice chats.
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