Thoughts on ultra wide (34" up to 49") screens vs multi-monitors

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  1. bernied


    Hi!! Any thoughts on 34" / 49" / other ultrawide screens ?

    Prices are starting to be reasonable on these, sales coming soon (black Friday, etc). I'm thinking to get one of these, instead of a multi-monitor setup.

    I'm already biased against these, because of:
    - you typically lose your most precious real-estate: front and center in line with your eyes. Screen borders eat up lots of this precious area (1-2"), no?
    - ergonomically I think it's bad to constantly tilt your neck+head in one direction, other than straight in front (most of the time). I'm very aware or repetitive stress injuries (I'm 44, my body's telling me "be careful!" :p).
    - another point: both me and wife now work at home, and we switch desks sometimes. I have a feeling she'll like more a 34" than 49", later's too wide lol! OR, we might get one of each. I also do music, 2nd office is also my home-studio / gaming cavern, so maybe a 49" for me and 34" for her office? mwhaha!

    I'm more an "invest+trader" than a day-trader type. So I don't need to watch so many things real-time, I think having 3-4 windows should be plenty...
  2. There's the "resolution" thing.

    Have you considered 2x, 27", UHD monitors in portrait mode? That would be 4320x3840 resolution and would be 29"x25" size.
  3. Turveyd


    34" ultrawide sounds perfect, 44 if ultrawide give you kneck ache if your normal monitor close.

    Single 24" not even Wide screen monitor here, with 2 x Samsung 10.5" tablets either side with charts on, door gets knocked pick up the tablet with the trade on and not an issue.
  4. 2rosy


    2 stacked ultrawide curve. Never notice how much space a monitor border takes up until it's gone
  5. dholliday


    Buy an onn. 4K TV from Walmart. 50" or 55".
  6. maxinger


    My biggest monitor is 43 inch. Aspect ratio 16:9. I have it in portrait format.
  7. Gekko2020


    Well first off is what type of Desk are you working on ?
    a standard Desk with a regular chair will some what dictate your options.
    I work on a Standing Desk. I DO NOT HAVE A CHAIR . I stand all day even now at 10 pm.
    Now with that in Mind I have 2 screens. My Primary is a 43 inch Dell set up Horizontally and my 2nd is a 29 inch Dell that is above the 43 inch Horizontally.
    On my 43 inch I have 6 windows / panels setup with charts.

    Big thing to consider is that on the 43 inch I would not like it if I was sitting in a CHAIR. , because the out side charts near the edge of the right or left frames IS not distorted but just not the right viewing angle.

    But since I am standing it does not become a issue cause all I do is shift my body weight to the left leg which shifts my body 2-4 inches left and gives me a perfect viewing angle.

    So for me STANDING a 43 inch works Great, I love the vast real estate of what I can see. Plus they were having a Killer sale on it with a Gift Card ( plus it was cheaper than 3 brand new 27" Dells I wanted ) and I do not have to worry about Multi Monitor Stands going into my Butcher Block Wood desk. Just my 2 cents on what works for me.
  8. volente_00


    65 inch tv is the bomb

    Put one in the office

    Put one in the bedroom

    Lay on your A$$ in bed and click that DOM like no tomorrow.
  9. easymon1


    What type of surface do you stand on?
    What do you run your mouse on?
    Wondered if one of these adjusted high might make a good short term occasional change of pace position throughout the session?
  10. Gekko2020


    I am on A Carpeted floor with a throw rug on it with a heavy fleece blanket folded over 6 times making it nice and plush and soft , ( every day I just shake it up and refold it to keep it fluffy) I am bear foot, 2.5 ft by 5ft in dimension so I can go side to side and step back. As for a Mouse I use a Logitech MX TRACKBALL with a MX KEYBOARD both wireless and can jump between two computers if need be. Do not use a chair so cant comment on them...
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