Thoughts on the CNBC Trading segment today...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by candletrader, May 1, 2002.

  1. So are we still alive and kicking??
  2. Magna

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    I didn't see it Candle. As I assume you did, by starting this thread, what are your thoughts?
  3. Alive and getting kicked...
  4. These guys seem to be making the kind of money I was making in the bull market and a multiple of what I am making now.... I gotta be doing something wrong :(
  5. Magna,

    Nothing of consequence today... tomorrow they will be enlightening us with the "tricks" we need to know to prosper by...


    P.S. I could probably guess what they are gonna say
    a) trade the trend
    b) run profits
    c) cut losses ... etc

  6. I was thinking we are gonna hear about the pros of "professional" firms and all those tricks that Don B. is always talking about.
  7. I suppose we are at least surviving... but still, tomorrow's segment should be interesting...
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    Isn't that all one needs to know???

    PEACE and good trading,
  9. mbg


    the guy in that segment is a huge player - they showed one trade in PSFT where he had 11,000 shares - i don't think that is the norm these days - or maybe it is? i guess my 500 shares are too small :)
  10. Yeah, He traded over 380,000 shares for a 5K or 6K day. That's a lot of turning of the squirrel cage.

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