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  1. I have been working on the NYMEX for about a month now and I thought I would share some thoughts and experiences. My friend owns 2 seats down their and he and I have started setting up shop to arb the mini's against the full size. He has been down there for 20 years and so far I have just done some electronic trading while in school. It's the merge betwwen the old and the new . I can't believe how ancient that place is. I mean going from electronic trading to floor trading I have gotten some good insight into how inefficient, unfair and backwards the floor really is. I can't believe it still exist. There is no need for it. At the end of the day so many traders have out trades it's totally amazing to see what exactly goes on, and the people down there are another breed totally. I almost got into a fist fight already. There is a bunch of big ego's and attitude problems there. I mean the yelling and shoving is one thing, but some of the guys there have issues. I am a fighter myself and even had a tryout for the Val-Tudo in 1998, so I am not afraid to stick up for myself, but that place just instills in me that " fight or flight", " kill or be killed" mentality. I kind of like it actually, but I am trying to find the balance between gaining respect and not kicking some ass. I am a bit perplexed about how to go about it. I am very outgoing, and like to b.s and initiate a conversation, however some of the guys there gave me an attitude like never before. This one guy, man, I'll tell you. He gave me some sh.. and then his tickets fell and I picked them up and handed to him. He mumbled some more crap and then later on his tickets fell again, only this time I kicked them around and rubbed them on the floor. He gave me a look but quickly backed down, when I guess he realized I was ready for action. Messed up place, big time.. Well tomorrow, I'm sure I'll have another story to tell.
  2. Just a time write in's much easier to read (especially after staring at the trading screen all day).

    Good story though. Keep 'em coming.
  3. Glad you like the story. I'll keep them coming.