Thoughts on Larry Connors books?

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  1. I’ve recently read two of his books, short term strategies that work, and his new book buy the fear sell the greed. I have implemented a few of the strategies over the past couple months and have great results thus far. Has anyone here personally traded his strategies? thanks.
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    nothing works... you just got lucky with the bull market.
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  3. Doesn't look like anything special, cool it worked for you though...
  4. Doesn't sound like you ever read a word of any of his books... Larry has given plenty of strategies that you can trade in bear markets. One for example is his CRASH strategy.
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  5. I haven't used his strategies exactly but some of his strategies gave me some ideas which I then customized.

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  6. Yep I did the same thing. I set up my rsi settings a little differently so I’m only buying major panic near key support areas.
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    Seems like even i have to read this book now...
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  8. Its a gem.
  9. Agree. I ordered something of his years ago but was disappointed. Got a refund.

    Sad truth... there's lots of hype and "here fishy-fishy"... but there isn't much you can buy online that's any good.

  10. Really? What disappointed you about it?
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