Thoughts on JETS? (Airline ETF)

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  1. Any thoughts on the airline ETF: JETS?

    Seems to me if you are willing to hold this long enough, it could be a double.
    Question is how long?

    I fully expect air travel will pick up eventually.
    One possible headwind is if oil prices rise dramatically.

    Appreciate any thoughts on this.
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  2. Overnight


    Don't know anything about the ETF itself, but "JETS" makes me think of the private fractional ownership/chartering of small biz jets.

    If that is all it is, it seems, logically, a nice long trade. Private charter business has gone up a lot since the COVID, and I suspect it will do well even after the majors get back in the swing of things.
  3. Sig


    You need to remember that while it's likely that the airlines will continue to exist and clearly rebound from their current situation eventually, their current stockholders will not share in that rebound if they file for chapter 11 in the interim. Given how frequently that's happened in airlines, it has a pretty high probability of happening with a bunch in the current crisis. At which point it won't double for years if ever. Even if all the airlines are making record profits 3 years from now.
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  4. S2007S


    With markets only going straight up and fed printing trillions of bucks, I think the airlines that have been left out compared to almoat every sector will start to be bought up... JETS is an etf that will surge once the economy is fully reopened, may take a while to catch a double or triple, even if you wait 3, 4 or 7 years a double ain't so bad in that time frame, but we know all the other high flying stocks and tech and homebuilding sectors will probably outrun the airlines by 76 or 387 times by the time airlines double. But least you got a double

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  5. Overnight


    Airlines are screwed when we finally get the flying car. Just saw yet another news report this morning on a new form of flying car, and airlines are screwed forever.

    Of course, we'll never have the flying car. We keep hearing promises of the flying car. WHERE THE HELL IS MY FLYING CAR? WE'VE HEARD ABOUT IT FOR 100 YEARS!!!

    Why don't we have one? Why? wHy whY?

    Because of Windows, that's wyh! hehe

    I.E. Airline stocks will be safe because there will never be a flying car. We'll cure the common cold and baldness before we ever have a flying car.

    (Sorry, this was a rant about no flying cars. Carry on.)
  6. S2007S


    Flying cars remind me of people believing we will one day live in space. I mean the flying car was supposed to happen about 37 years ago. Flying cars do exist today but they won't be available for many many decades if that..... And if they become available let's say in 25 years the cost will be astronomical. Its a rich man's toy so anyone thinking they will be jumping into one is just foolish.
  7. Overnight


    No, flying cars do NOT exist.

    Stat. Sure, we see companies like Terrafugia, the front-runner in the race spewing their wares, but have they ever actually sold one to a customer who uses it? NO! Because they are a fantasy that will never pass all the necessary regulatory hurdles to make them practical. The news blurb I was referring to from this morning was something about New Hampshire passing a "flying car" act or some such shit. I just laughed, yawned and cried all at the same time.
  8. socool


    Worth in the long run, I think. Might have to check out the news and stats about that
  9. In the mean time.... if there is a "2nd wave" of C19, airlines could get pummeled even lower... before "eventual" recovery, hopefully. The major airlines' charts (UAL, DAL, LUV) all look like JETS. Maybe a good idea to keep an eye on this group for the future.
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  10. S2007S


    I wouldn't worry. Nothing matters in these markets, wallstreet is not worried about a 2nd 15th or 38th wave. When I see wallstreet at historical highs there is absolutely nothing to worry about. If wallstreet doesn't give a fuck why should anybody else.
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