Thoughts on CHP?Certified Hedge Fund Professional course

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Daal, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Daal


    Apparently its an online course

    I'm not sure it has much credibility. Does anyone in the industry thinks this is worth anything in terms of helping someone land a hedge fund job one day?
  2. Isn't this more designed for Fund of Funds peeps? Looking at the curriculum, that's what it looks like to me... Might be useful for those, but certainly can't see it being very useful for a normal punter at a fund. Just my opinion, obviously.
  3. LEAPup


    Yes, looks like gearing is towards fof.

    The CAIA would probably be my choice.
  4. The only credential of value is to have "M.D." after your lastname. Anything else, especially financial-related, is silly. :cool:
  5. TraDaToR


    Master of Disaster? How do you get that degree?:D
  6. Watch CNBC and read the Wall Street Journal for one year. :)
  7. with that certification you will be trading billion dollar portfolios in 6 months.. umm no

    get real
  8. HFBlogger


    Upfront Note: I helped develop this certification program so I am 110% biased.

    That said, the reason our team put together the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program several years ago is that while researching other programs we found that every single one was built for analysts, risk managers, or other investment areas...but nothing was around for hedge fund professionals directly.

    Since then over 1,000 professionals have completed this program and that fact combined with our association membership level of 38,000 professionals has led to this certification holding credibility within the industry. We are the only 100% online certification program that was built for and by hedge fund professionals exclusively.

    Not everyone within an industry will benefit from earning a designation such as the CHP Designation. Most of the professionals who earn our program are either hedge fund principals that recently started a hedge fund, early hedge fund career professionals, or those who have some work experience in finance, business, or investments but now want to quickly learn more about the hedge fund industry.

    Our team has worked hard to develop valuable resources for all participants so that everyone involved benefits and learns a lot very quickly about hedge funds...for example last year we launched our online hedge fund video platform - that now has over 60 hedge fund video training modules and comes for free to all participants at no extra cost.

    I hope that clears up a few questions - I do realize that some may not value certifications in any case unless you are a doctor or medical professional...we are just trying to create the most valuable program possible for those who do want one.

    - Richard

    p.s. We actually only see about 2-4% of our participants come from fund of funds, most professionals work for hedge funds or are aiming to work in the hf industry when they complete our online hedge fund training program.