Thoughts/feedback on parts/cost of new custom build workstation

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  1. I've had the same trading rig for the past 5-6 years now, and for the most part it runs fine but there are times when it seems to lag ever so slightly, so I've just started the research process of having a new one built and using my current one as a back-up.

    I'm just wondering what other tech savvy folks think about the current components/cost associated with my first estimate. Do other components make more sense or are the current ones what you would have installed if you were building one now? Cost expensive? Things of that nature etc..

    The video cards are not on there because I already have two new NVDA Quadro NVS 420 cards.

    Keep in mind that I will only be using this computer for trading and basic internet stuff, I don't need anything fancy for gaming etc..

    Thanks in advance, I appreciate your time.

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    What software are you running?
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    AMD is very popular now
    64 GB memory will be best
    I have 32 and I don't feel like it's enough
  4. Suggest not bothering with "building" one. Rather, buy one from one of the workstation makers... Dell, Lenovo, HP.

    Suggest buying used workstations and save 75% of the cost of new. I like Dell T5810... lots of them available... any configuration you want. (Workstations are supposedly made with "server class parts"... should/could easily last 10 years. Buy one 3 years old and save big $$$.) However if you're intending to run W11, looks like your machine will have to be newer based upon Microsoft's initial guidelines.

    Suggest getting new video cards. Your 420s are quite weak... only 512MB VRAM and a Passmark score of only 80.

    Good luck.
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    A Solid-State Drive (SSD) in addition to the hard drive (e.g., 256 GB) would help the system and applications boot a lot faster.

    Also, with no graphics card and only 16GB memory in the build, and the price of $1,404 seems high. For example, I recently bought one of these (has a good graphics card) for $1,215 (before sales tax).
  6. I would go for the SSD upgrades. Which unfortunately requires new Mother Boards for the upgraded "slot" they fit into (PCI 4x). Everything runs faster.

    A new AMD or Intel chip is all one needs. The new Motherboard would use them. Even large back testing jobs will get done in a reasonable amount of time.

    I switched to a gaming laptop because the builds are solid, built in power backup, network fall over from hardline to wifi cell.
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