Thoughts, experiences, or opinions re SMB Capital?

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  1. Hi everybody, I just finished watching a seminar about options trading strategies from SMB Capital and now have the chance to sign up for their Weekly Options Income Machine for about $3000. It's a combination of SMB's normal option trading training with an algorithmic system developed by InvestiQuant.
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    Caveat emptor.
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  3. IMHO from what I've seen, and I've seen details of quite a bit of their stuff, I'd pay maybe $30, not $300, certainly not $3000. YMMV.
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    If you can't trade, avoid like the plague.
  5. 3000k ?.... does it include a weeks worth of happy endings from an exotic asian girl?
  6. $3000
  7. yes, but its not a girl. Its a tranny
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    I don’t have access to it but from watching free SMB videos in the past about options, I didn’t like the fact that they talked about large profits (like 60% as example but don’t remember details), which sounded like great returns until I realized that you could lose the whole position and therefore couldn’t invest much. So as result maybe you could make 5%-10% per year in account, depending how much risk you’d take across various positions.
    This is just an example, but if you don’t know much about options and have large account (say $100k+ portfolio margin) and can afford $3K then generally learning various techniques of trading options from various sources could be useful. Though in such case there are plenty of free resources online, on YouTube, and some inexpensive ones on Udemy.
    The $3K program sounds too expensive, but there is always a chance it could be useful to you or someone else. If you do decide to subscribe then maybe later you could post a review...
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    Looks like a distributor/reseller of InvestiQuant's products. $3000??!! Wonder how much SMB Capital themselves paid to buy the "system" from InvestiQuant?
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    $3000K?? $3,000,000??!! This is how much you are willing to pay to have happy endings from an exotic asian girl? LOL Wow, you are generous... This exotic asian girl is very lucky. LOL
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